Businesses Should Execute 5 Strategies to Ensure Success

As mid-year approaches, businesses should execute 5 strategies to ensure 2015 success.

Orlando, FL – May 28, 2015 – As summer and mid-year approaches, businesses should be assessing how the first half of 2015 went and zeroing in on how to make the most out of the next six months.  Productivity expert and EnableSoft CEO, Richard Milam, says “In this economy, the organizations that focus on sharpening the saw to do more work with less resources are the organizations that will survive and thrive.” Milam has put together the following top five (5) strategies that are critical in increasing clientele, boosting productivity and efficiency, and improving labor utilization while journeying into the remainder of the year.

  1. Focus on customers and the services you provide.

Industry leaders all have one thing in common, they build relationships with their customers by focusing on their wants and needs and providing the best customer service possible. Talk with your customers, spend more time with them, offer different programs or promotions, and you will not only maintain your current clientele, but gain more customers by enhancing your company reputation. Many industries are catching on to the fact that satisfied customers directly relate to the health of their business. How can you rearrange your business in order to have the time and resources to become customer-focused? Tip number two (2) is vital in providing these faculties.

  1. Implement data automation software.

The best businesses have invested in data automation software that has proven to save time, reduce errors in records and databases, as well as free up man-hours to perform other tasks that they previously did not have time for, such as customer service and product innovation. Any routine, repetitive tasks that involve manual data entry can be automated by software, such as EnableSoft’s Foxtrot. Every business has applications and databases that contain customer information, SKUs, pricing, health records, and billing codes that must be moved, updated, and maintained, squandering time and employee-resources. Data automation software is faster, more efficient, and virtually errorless. Johnson Financial Group implemented Foxtrot due to their growth in data and saved up to 95 percent in man-hours necessary to process mortgage loan data alone! Data automation software is a powerful economic tool that will prove to benefit a company’s bottom line, now, and in the future.

  1. Create a strong work culture.

A company will not be successful without employees who desire to, and do, perform their job well. You do not have to be the top company in your industry, but if you treat your employees well, respect their work, praise them often, provide public recognition and bonuses for a job well done, your employees will perform well and continue to perform well. People will be motivated to perform at their best if they know that they are respected and if they feel valued in the workplace.

  1. Give back to the community.

Companies that engage in the community and get involved in various community or charitable events are likely to interact with potential customers. Through volunteerism and participating in community events, employees are able to interact with one another, build relationships with each other and the community, and function as a team. Furthermore, community-involvement and providing funds to charities strengthens a company’s public image. One study found that 82% of consumers consider corporate social responsibility when deciding whether or not to buy from a company (Delgado, 2014). Bottom line: becoming a force in the community leads to loyal customers and satisfied employees.

  1. Reduce unnecessary costs.

Every business or company has raw products and services that are required to fuel their business. For example, computers, paper, pens, staplers, and even services such as copy and print services. Review what you purchase and from what stores you purchase it. Buy from vendors that offer the best value and service, and buy in bulk for the products that you utilize abundantly. Additionally, leverage technologies that allow business to business or business to customer transactions, in real-time, such as GoToMeeting, WebEx, and Skype. Save time and money by eliminating travel time, as well as benefit from reaching a broader—even International—customer audience. Ensure you are getting the best bang for the buck!

While practicing these top business strategies, also perform regular evaluations of the business’s success. Get feedback from your customers on their satisfaction level, and provide your employees the ability to make suggestions and implement change as needed in order to boost your productivity, and end 2015 with a bang!


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