Automation is the way of the future! Explore the latest tips and tricks for reducing workload and maximizing efficiency with RPA.

American Banker - Why More Banks Aren't Doing the Robot

Banks using Robotic Process Automation see huge productivity gains as the technology reshapes how the banking industry accomplishes manual, time-consuming processes. 11/11/2019

Credit Unions Save Money, Boost Efficiency, Increase Accuracy With RPA Software

Find out how three credit unions are boosting their bottoms lines and increasing accuracy and efficiency by utilizing RPA software. 10/04/2018

Humans Working Alongside AI Technologies in the Banking Sector is Changing the Industry

The following article features EnableSoft CEO, Richard Milam, and discusses how Robotic Process Automation and Article Intelligence are changing the way banks do business and handle manual data processes. 09/30/2018

HRExaminer Radio – Executive Conversations: Episode #282: Richard Milam

EnableSoft continues to be featured in the news! Check out this latest radio recording of Richard Milam talking about the importance of robotic process automation as a premier solution to eliminate the burden of manual data processes in the workplace by behaving, deciding, and functioning just like a person. 07/11/2018

Robotic Process Automation: Something for Everyone

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software is not a luxury reserved for the largest, most sophisticated IT organizations. See how RPA has transformed the most "unlikely" of companies - from lumber yards to nonprofit organizations. 07/03/2018

Non-Profit Feeding Children Everywhere Pioneers Use of Artificial Intelligence to Combat Hunger

EnableSoft has partnered with Feeding Children Everywhere, a national non-profit dedicated to providing healthy meals to those in need and creating a hunger-free world, is pioneering the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to increase the numbers of hungry people it can feed. 07/03/2018

Artificial Intelligence or Robotic Process Automation: What’s Right for Your Organization?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a hot topic right now, and for a good reason. However, most of what’s called AI is actually Robotic Process Automation (RPA). And unlike AI, RPA can be leveraged by an organization irrespective of its size. But is RPA right for your organization? In this article, Richard Milam tells you how to figure out if RPA fits your needs and how to ensure a successful RPA deployment if it does. 05/04/2018

American Banker - How Artificial Intelligence is Reshaping Jobs in Banking

EnableSoft's customer, First National Bank of Wynne in Arkansas, highlighted in American Banker magazine as an innovator in intelligent automation. 05/07/2018

Machine Learning Adds Firepower to FI Fraud & Risk Management Routines


EnableSoft, Inc Forms Strategic Partnership with Virtual AI

EnableSoft Inc. has partnered with United Kingdom-based Virtual AI, a leader in consulting services for media, broadcasters and digital transformation specialist, expanding its market into Europe.

EnableSoft, Inc Partners with Basico to Offer Robotic Process Automation Software

EnableSoft has formed a strategic partnership with Denmark-based Basico to offer Foxtrot RPA® to its clients in Denmark and abroad.

EnableSoft Announces New Foxtrot RPA® Software

EnableSoft announces the release of its Foxtrot RPA® software (the automated employee®) to help operations executives, managers and personnel gain operational efficiencies through the increased automation of manual data-processing tasks.


EnableSoft survey reveals top five most mundane business process tasks can be automated with Robotic Process Automation.

The HUB The Marketing Technology Resource: Robotic Processing, at the speed of business

An interview with EnableSoft CEO, Richard Milam reveals how businesses leverage Robotic Processing software to analyze data, tackle data processing projects, and enable profitable marketing results.

Workflow Business Process Management: Addressing Insider Threats and Data Security With Automation Technology

Richard Milam discusses how IT Professionals use Robotic Process Automation to keep their data systems secure.

The Dana Barrett Show: TechTuesday

Richard Milam discusses Robotic Process Automation with Radio Show Host, Dana Barrett.

StrategyDriven: Fueling Business Process Management with the Automation Engine that Can!

BPO now means Business Process Optimization when using Robotic Process Automation. North Jersey community banks buy into tech world

EnableSoft customer, Lakeland Bank uses Foxtrot to cancel and reissue lost or stolen debit cards.

Florida Trend: Spotlight on Florida’s telecom industry

EnableSoft’s Foxtrot Robotic Process Automation tool is trending in Telecom communications and customer service industries.

Technology Toolz: Robotic Processing, During A Speed of Business

An interview with EnableSoft CEO, Richard Milam reveals how businesses leverage Robotic Processing software to perform the data- and business-related tasks that were previously handled by expensive outsourcing solutions.

The Business Journals: 3 keys to career advancement

Dana Manciagli interviews EnableSoft Founder and CEO, Richard Milam, on how to jump-start your career.

YoungUpstarts: Your Job In 2016 And Beyond: The “Human In The Loop” Future of Work And Technology

Richard Milam, EnableSoft CEO talks about how humans and technology will be working together in our data-driven economy.

Automation Innovation Conference 2015, in New York: EnableSoft Founder and CEO Presents the Leading Robotic Process Automation tool today

Richard Milam, EnableSoft CEO and guest speaker at the event, presented on the RPA technology, Foxtrot, and featured a customer presenter, as well.

YoungUpstarts: Your 2016 Budget: A Cost And Analysis Guide For Business Owners

Richard Milam, EnableSoft CEO, tells of three key elements to consider when creating their 2016 financial plan.

StrategyDriven: Three Key Strategies Any Business Can Adopt in 2016 to Boost Profitability

Richard Milam, EnableSoft CEO, tells of tips to boost profitability in 2016.

StrategyDriven: Free Tech Tools for the Digital Economy

Download a free trial of Foxtrot Robotic Process Automation; your first 15 days are free.

US Daily Review: Robotic Process Automation: The New Wave of “Insourcing” Labor

With RPA technology, outsourcing is a thing of the past, and insourcing creates more jobs in the U.S.

Small Business Opportunities: Tips to Boost Profits in 2016

Richard Milam, of EnableSoft, discusses four tips to boost profits in the next fiscal year.

Westlaw Journal BANK & LENDER LIABILITY: Financial institutions’ proactive steps to data breach recovery

Richard Milam, of EnableSoft, discusses the steps financial institutions take to safeguard customers accounts.

Business News Daily: Tax Season Prep: Year-End Tips for Small Businesses

Organize your financial information and automate your tax prep with Foxtrot.

PaymentsSource: The ‘Robotics’ That Can Trim Banks’ EMV Budgets

Banks use automation software to make a quick transition to EMV cards.

US Daily Review: Robotic Process Automation: IT’s Secret Tech Tool

IT folks need not be afraid of this tech tool as they can exploit to regain control and influence over their IT operations.

RESCUE A CEO NEWS: What Businesses Should Do Now to Ensure 2015 Success

Richard Milam, Founder and CEO of EnableSoft, uses these four end-of-year profitable practices. You should too.

enterpriseAPPStoday: 6 Trends Shaping Financial Services

Use of newer technologies will be central to the bottom lines of banks and credit unions. Integrating systems to move at the speed of business will accelerate growth.

YoungUpstarts: As Year-End Approaches, 4 Things Businesses Should Do Now to Ensure 2015 Success

Richard Milam, EnableSoft CEO and efficiency expert, offers four tips for creating strategic operational goals to increase revenues and reduce costs.

Rehab Scribes: Are You Ready for ICD-10?

Richard Milam, EnableSoft CEO and efficiency expert, offers five strategies to help smooth transition.

The Price of Business, hosted by Kevin Price, interview with EnableSoft CEO, Richard Milam

Listen to EnableSoft founder and CEO, Richard Milam, on The Price of Business radio talk show, discuss Robotic Process Automation.

Small & Medium Business Magazine: 4 Tips to Boost SMB Performance

Richard Milam, EnableSoft CEO and efficiency expert, offers four tips that are crucial during the fiscal year-end review.

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US Daily Review: Hewlett-Packard and Others Reduce Labor Costs by Restructuring Workload

High-asset companies are restructuring their organizations to increase profit-margins and improve global efficiency, says EnableSoft founder and CEO, Richard Milam.

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advance healthcare NETWORK: Are You Ready for ICD-10?

EnableSoft founder and CEO, Richard Milam provides five strategies to help ensure a smooth transition.

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BAI Banking Strategies: Surviving Data Breaches with Robotic Process Automation

Data breaches are nearly inevitable in today’s high-risk digital world, but financial institutions can recover from them more quickly with robotic process automation.

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Getting Paid: 6 Tips to Reduce Productivity Loss with ICD-10

Richard Milam, EnableSoft CEO, an expert on healthcare automation technology, weighs in on worst-case scenarios and how to avoid them.

PracticeAdmin: Prepare for ICD-10 worst-case scenarios as switchover looms

Productivity expert and EnableSoft CEO, Richard Milam, says, “People think that they’ve finished…”

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itn (Imaging Technology News): Productivity Expert Offers Five Practices to Smooth Transition to ICD-10

Productivity expert and EnableSoft CEO, Richard Milam, offers tips to surviving the ICD-10 switch.

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Healthcare Finance: Prepare for ICD-10 worst-case scenarios, vendors say, as switchover looms

EnableSoft CEO, Richard Milam, warns about coding errors that must be fixed overnight before the October 1st ICD-10 Compliance date.

Orlando Business Journal: Local Inc. 5000 tech firms share their growth secrets

EnableSoft featured in their local business journal as only one of three local tech companies to make the INC 5000 list.

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WIB CFO & Finance Digest: Secrets of the CFO – A CFO Toolkit to Climb the Financial Corporate Ladder

EnableSoft helps grow our customers’ careers by using the right technology, being a force of productivity, and being a mentor to their staff.

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EnableSoft leaps from #4513 to #3834 on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing private companies in America!

EnableSoft is growing to help more businesses improve their data processes.

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HIT Consultant: 5 Best Practices To Ensure A Smooth, Expedient ICD-10 Transition

In order for healthcare providers to successfully meet the ICF-10 deadline, Milam suggests five best practices to ensure an expedient, smooth ICD-10 transition.

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Money Radio: Richard Milam discusses how knowledge workers are empowered to use robots to automate office processes.

“We’ve been doing it for twenty years; Foxtrot is like a verb–‘Can we Foxtrot this?’–When a data emergency or a need for efficiency comes up in the organization.”

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SCORE: The New “Robot” Increases Efficiency in Small-to-Medium Sized Businesses

Small-to-medium sized businesses are starting to use “robots” to move data.

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Small Business Opportunities: Rejuvenate Employees During Summer Months

EnableSoft CEO Richard Milam offers three tips to rejuvenate your employees during the hot and humid summer months.

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Bloomberg Business: EnableSoft’s Milam on Bloomberg Radio – Talking Stock with Michael McKee and Kathleen Hays!

Listen to EnableSoft CEO Richard Milam talk with Kathleen Hays about the “Automated Employee” taking over the businesses’ tedious data processes!

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YoungUpstarts: Sluggish Summer: 3 Tips To Rejuvenate Employees And Keep Your Business At Top Performance

Does the hot sun slow your employees’ productivity? Here are three tips to prevent sluggish employees and automate inefficient business processes to remain at top performance during the summer.

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StrategyDriven: Ensuring your business’s data integrity empowers profitable business decisions

Companies are becoming more aware that a data integrity insurance system is a necessity and are implementing new technologies into their business processes.

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The Perry Law Group: 5 Mid-Year Tips for Small Business Owners

Not meeting your mid-year goals? Implementing these business strategies will enable you to reach and exceed your year’s end goal.

Black Enterprise: 5 Mid-Year Tips for Small Business Owners

Both large and small companies may benefit from simple business practices that will increase clientele, boost productivity and efficiency, and improve labor utilization.

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CU INSIGHT: Credit unions can beat the summer productivity slump by implementing 3 key strategies

Better efficiency equals increased revenues. Data automation software enables credit unions to streamline their operations models and increase productivity.

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TalentRefresh: 5 Mid-Year Tips for Small Business Owners

Richard Milam, CEO of EnableSoft, who has over two decades of experience in business efficiency helping to develop productivity software, offers 5 tips for businesses to finish the year out strong.

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Press Release: Credit unions can beat the summer productivity slump by implementing 3 key strategies: securing data, providing express services, and getting online

Credit unions: increase your productivity with these 3 key tips.

Cool Buzz: 5 Things Entrepreneurs Should Do Now To Ensure 2015 Success

Here are five tips that every business should focus on when finishing the year out strong!

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Young Upstarts: 5 Things Businesses Should Do Now To Ensure 2015 Success

Data automation software improves your business and enables you to end 2015 with success!

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Small Business Digest: 5 Ways To Improve Small Business Second Half Performance, Profits

EnableSoft CEO and business productivity expert, Richard Milam, shares five tips to improve your business profits: 2. Data automation software!

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Press Release: As mid-year approaches, businesses should execute 5 strategies to ensure 2015 success

End the year with success by practicing these 5 business strategies! Number 2: Implement data automation software, such as Foxtrot!

BankNews: Technology Automates Fee Assessment Processes

Banks turn to Foxtrot to automate fee assessment and eliminate employee intervention.

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Telecom Reseller: New Integration Software Holds the Key to Bridging Old and New Technologies

Smart City was smart to use Foxtrot to integrate their GUI system and their mainframe system saving $1 million.

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Businesses Are Adopting ‘Digital Employee Software’ to Increase Productivity

Digital Employee Software featured in TMC’s InfoTech Spotlight.

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Release: Automating Fee Assessment

To combat a steady decline in fee revenue, banks are turning to Foxtrot software to help them automate more assessment workflows, save time, and make more money.

Foxtrot on Focus Atlanta

Cary Sinnett from Pay It Forward Scholarships shares information about his organization and how Foxtrot helped them overcome a unique data entry challenge. Jump to 3:10 for more on Foxtrot.

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Financial Spectrum with Richard Milam

EnableSoft’s talks small business productivity, efficiency, and “digital employees” with Financial Spectrum Radio.

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3 Reasons to Automate Your Business

If you’ve added ‘being more efficient’ to your list of New Year’s resolutions recently, you may be struggling to find ways to generate more productivity with little effort.

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SBO: EnableSoft Offers 5 Productivity Tips

Eliminating distractions and helping to improve employee camaraderie may hold the keys to hitting Q4 and year-end goals for many, says EnableSoft.

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Blog Talk Radio: The Barry Moltz Show

EnableSoft CEO, Richard Milam, shares how Foxtrot software can streamline data management and increase worker productivity.

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EPN: EnableSoft Aims to Help Small Businesses Improve Productivity

Richard Milam, the CEO of EnableSoft, an Orlando, Florida based software maker that aims to help small business owners improve productivity joins Enterprise Radio.

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CMS Wire: May We Have This Dance?

EnableSoft has released two new additions to its Foxtrot line of automation software.

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Small Business Computing: EnableSoft Pushes Small Business Software Automation

EnableSoft aims to help small business owners improve productivity and restore their sanity. How?

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ABA Banking Journal: 5 Steps to Effectively Recover From Card Breaches

News of a data breach at Home Depot stores throughout the U.S. and Canada is compounding fears on the part of card holders that “big box” and other retailers can do little to protect them from credit and debit card fraud.

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Poll Finds Top Five Steps Every Bank Should Take Following a Card Breach to Recover Faster

In the wake of card data breaches at Home Depot, Goodwill, Target, and Michael’s, EnableSoft finds proactive card-issuing banks do five things to better protect customers from fraud.

Yahoo!: EnableSoft’s Foxtrot to Address Drop in US Workers’ Productivity.

EnableSoft Inc. announced today two new low-cost additions to their line of automation software, Foxtrot. All-new Foxtrot Desktop and Foxtrot Professional editions help employers increase productivity without adding staff by automating repetitive manual data tasks in Windows and Web environments, respectively.

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American Banker: Bracing for Retail Breaches with Automation

The numerous recent retailer data breaches have led issuers to realize that they may have to replace most of their cards with little or no warning. For BankPlus, a $2.4 billion-asset institution based in Belzoni, Miss., new instant issuance technology is providing some peace of mind.

Click here for the rest.

Payments Source: A Small Bank’s Response to a Big Data Breach

Target Corp.’s massive holiday-season data breach touched card issuers of all sizes, including banks as small as StonehamBank, which leveraged technology it refers to as a “digital” employee to manage and replace exposed cards.

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Healthcare Payer News: Provider-owned Plan Tries Lean Data Methods

One regional insurer is using a new approach in provider network management, as it aims to tackle a laborious administrative process.

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