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Our Beginnings

When EnableSoft introduced Foxtrot in 1995, the term Robotic Process Automation (RPA) had not yet been coined. Screen Scraping, Extract Translate and Load (ETL) and Data Scripting were a few of the many terms used to describe what Foxtrot was able to do. Most sources today still describe RPA as an emerging technology, meaning that Foxtrot has always been a product ahead of its time.

Foxtrot was originally created to enable banks to quickly and accurately migrate data from acquired institutions, housed in unlike data processing systems, without the need for a conversion programming team. It was the first RPA software to break the big enterprise barrier in terms of affordability, ease of use and scalability. Today, many customers use Foxtrot as a verb, as in, Can we Foxtrot that process?

Our Differentiators

Among RPA vendors, EnableSoft is a leader in Time to First Value (TFV). Thanks to Foxtrot's power and ease of use, the time it takes your organization to recognize real, tangible benefits is kept to a bare minimum.

We truly bend the efficiency curve. That's a documented fact. One U.S. bank doubled its asset size while keeping deposit operations costs constant. This institution attributes this tremendous success exclusively to Foxtrot.

EnableSoft is a pure RPA provider. We aren't distracted by other products and technologies. Our simple goal is to provide the most powerful, flexible, scalable, affordable RPA solution in the marketplace today.

We back our industry leading RPA software with world class support and top-flight professional services, ensuring a successful deployment and the fastest possible ROI. Our team of experts will ensure Foxtrot reaches every area of your organization, making every department as efficient as possible.

EnableSoft has established a global network of consultants and resellers who recognize the value that Foxtrot can bring to any size organization. 

Testimonial 1

"EnableSoft has been our partner through multiple acquisitions and have really become part of our conversion working team."

Liz McQuillan, PMP®, CRVPM, LSSBB | SVP, Director, Strategic Program Management Office

Testimonial 2

"I love this product. I have not had a moment of displeasure with Foxtrot."

Jessica Gravett, Client Services Manager/ Rytech, Inc

Testimonial 3

"There’s rarely a day where there is not some Foxtrot script running here."

Chris Gengo, Director of Operations Systems

Testimonial 4

"Amazing experience - by far the most intuitive and useful product in the market!"

Mathias Balslow, Senior Consultant, Finance IT Services

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