Foxtrot Certificate Program

Certification is the doorway to reaching your full potential with Foxtrot robotic process automation software technology. By becoming Foxtrot certified, you will learn innovative methods to implement Foxtrot throughout your organization. Certification opens up possibilities for process improvement by optimizing automation. Unlock the power of world-class automation as an empowered certified Foxtrot software professional.

Current Classes

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Foxtrot Certified Administrator - $195.00

As a Foxtrot Certified Administrator, you will control the deployment of Foxtrot Suite by mastering the concepts of licensing, role management, and security.

Foxtrot Certified Specialist - $295.00

As a Foxtrot Certified Specialist, you will be able to apply your knowledge and skills to reengineer processes and deliver an improved workflow.

Foxtrot Certified Expert - $440.00

A Foxtrot Certified Expert will complete both the FCA and FCS certification courses, in addition to the FCE class. FCEs are proficient in Foxtrot licensing, security, role management, and overall process improvement through automation.

What to Expect

  1. Course instruction is provided in a virtual environment via GoToWebinar. Candidates receive single-use login credentials for the course sessions.
  2. Upon conclusion of the course, candidates are able to submit any additional questions to the Foxtrot Success Team who will provide a response via email.
  3. Candidates are awarded their Foxtrot Certification designation upon completion of the course curriculum and successful completion of the certification exam.

What are the benefits of becoming Foxtrot Certified?

  1. Learn the tricks and tips instructed by the leaders in automation.
  2. Enjoy the benefits of the Early Adopter Program. Early Adopters are first in line to obtain the latest features.
  3. Companies using Certified professionals see a greater ROI because they are better able to leverage their investment in Foxtrot robotic process automation software.
  4. Ability to differentiate yourself to your employer or clients.
  5. Recognized in the Foxtrot Certified Members Registry.
  6. Certified graduate of Foxtrot Academy with access to complementary education courses.
  7. Special Discounts – FUN events, on-site training, block time, and FoxBots!
  8. Attend future certification classes at no cost.

Earn the certification that empowers you and boosts your career!